Lighter Than Air


An internal, super-light structural layer ensures the mask’s shape doesn’t collapse. It maintains an air cushion between your mouth, nose and lips for easy breathing.

Easy Breezy

The proprietary, large-diameter Vortex Valve has a directional design for high efficiency outflow - and is super rigid to prevent inward leakage.

Adaptive Fit

To achieve the perfect fit the seal was designed with an articulating top layer. Simply flip out to accomodate larger sizes.

5 Layers of Protection

Dual-core Micron filters for ultrafine pollutants, plus a pre-filter layer, sandwiched between two protective top sheets.

Scan each AirPop mask or filter to see the current filtration certificate given by governmental, industrial and consumer standards.


  • 99.97% Efficiency PM2.5/PM0.3
  • Polypropylene frame, TPE seal overmold
  • Each filter is individually packaged
  • Dimensions: (H)15cm x (W)13cm x (L)15cm
  • Weight: 7.1g
  • Colors: White, black

China Industrial Respirator Standard
GB/T32610-2016 B
Skin Friendly standards:
DIN EN ISO 10993-5: 2009-10
China Respirator Standard:
FZ/T 62024-2014

AirPop Light (4 piece pack)