The Original

Designed for you with the city in mind.
Stylish, perfect fit and unparalleled
protection from airborne pollution.

Active Collection

Designed to move with you. Engineered
Airknit delivers advanced comfort, superior
breathability and the lightest weight yet.

Airpop Light

Cool comfort for spring time protection from
pollen and allergy-inducing dust, featuring
AirPop's standard PM0.3 guarantee.

Eco-Mobility Editions

We partnered with two of the best eco-mobility
brands in the world to bring you custom
designed AirPops for urban riding.

Inner Shield

Filters 99.97% PM0.3. Our replaceable filter
blocks bacteria, dust & particulate. It’s hygienic,
medical-grade and skin safe for optimal health.

You're Sealed

A mask is only as good as its seal. Patented
360° Airlock barrier ergonomically conforms
to nose and chin for comfort and protection.

Air Is Communal

Let’s be part of the solution. Our aim is to better
understand how air really affects the health
of our families, communities and cities.

Air Gets Personal

We invented a new sensor to show you
how you’re being protected and to provide
more insight about every breath you take.

AirPop is honored to be recognized for all four leading international design awards in the Health and Wellness category for 2017!